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About Us

About Us

It all started back in 2015.
On 1 March 2015 our son, Nathan, was bornprematurely at 27 weeks with an emergency 

caesarean. My wife, Nastassia, had severe heart failure and going into the theater we were not sure if either she or Nathan were going to survive. Nathan's birth weight was only 1.14kg.

Our plans for the future changed immediately and drastically with our son being born 3 months before his planned delivery date and Nastassia being very sick.  There was uncertainty whether Nastassia would be able to return to full time employment and Nathan spent just over 3 months in the NICU. With the unexpected events and expenses our savings was depleting very fast. I realized that I was in no position to look after themfinancially.

Our son when he was 1 day old 
I then started selling products to make an extra income. I searched for hours for the best products and suppliers. I started drop shipping but quickly realized that it was a lot of problems and many unhappy customers due to issues with the Post office and delivery times in excess of 60 days. 6 Months after Nathan's birth Nastassia had recovered enough to start working again. I then cut back on selling items to spend more time with my family.
My wife holding our son for the first time when he was 14 days old
At the beginning of 2017 I started contacting some of my old suppliers and also searching for new ones. I enjoyed selling items and wanted to start my own online shop. I imported products from various suppliers to test and to select the best quality products.  I wanted to sell a wide variety of products at the best possible prices. I made arrangements with my suppliers to deliver to me directly, no drop shipping.
Customer satisfaction is our main focus.  If you buy from and have any problem we would like to know about it so that we can assistpromptly. I value any suggestions and recommendations so please feel free to email us at
Nathan is now 4 years old and doing very well.  He is a happy and normal little boy. Nastassia's heart function has improved from 20% when Nathan was born, to 40%.